Parallel Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder

Advanced design concept
Closed water circulating cooling barrel
Block type barrel configuration, independent temperature control
Natural venting
Splined screw shaft
High precision self-cleaning screw element
High reliability gearbox
Solid base design
Vacuum port and vacuum venting system
Screw diameter from 20mm to 180mm
After nearly forty years' development in China, twin screw extruder has become mature technology. It is widely used in many fields such as compounding granulation with various plastics, plastic modified granulation, reactive synthesis granulation, blending granulation, etc.
In addition to these applications, our company has been devoting itself to research for many years, from the configuration of screw combination of twin screw extruder to the design of screw element curve, the gap between the barrel and the screw, and the application of the concept of high torque extruder, we have some more advanced understanding.
In many fields, it has formed the characteristics of HONE, improved the theory of twin screw extruder, and solved practical problems for customers, such as flame retardant TPE, reaction screw and large capacity production. We are one of the leaders of Chinese twin screw extruder manufacturers.