Nanjing HONE Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1999.The company has one group of senior professionals to be engaged in the parallel co-rotating twin screw extruder machine research.
  • SXQ series underwater pelletizing system
    With our many years’ technical study, we make the under-water pelletizing sysytem independently. It’s leading product amount the Chinese market, some important index are better then Internation factories. Extreme hard alloy steel Die head can make sure over 2 years life, and without changing knives one year; special heating system, high efficience, equal; automatic center-adjust cutting sysytem can make sure the knife disk and die face contact imitately, so as to for processing more kinds of materials; one key type starting machine and running valve unit make the operation more convenient.
      Suitable materials:PP、PE、Elastomer,hot sol(PA、TPU、EVA),PS、SAN、ABS、PMMA、POM、PC、PET、PBT
  • SHJ series twin screw extrusion line

    Fiber Reinforcement,Polymer Blending,Incorporation of Fillers,Cable Compounds,Special Compounds,all Masterbatches,Elastomer,hot sol, Reactive Extrude etc.